Teaching Vision

  • In Spirit:
    through different religious activities, to help the children know God, practise the spirit of love and share with others.
  • In Ethics:
    to provide guidance for children to distinguish between right and wrong, know how to appreciate others, and show courtesy and care for the weak.
  • In Intellect:
    to develop the children's passion for learning, their problem-solving ability, critical thinking and language skills.
  • In Physique:
    to develop children's sensory perception and abilities of concentration and observation;
    to facilitate the development of children's gross and fine motor skills;
    to enable children to understand the limits of their physical capability and develop awareness for self-protection;
    to cultivate in them good living habits and self-care abilities.
  • In Social skills:
    to give children the autonomy for decision-making, while developing children's independence and confidence, providing them ample opportunities to express themselves verbally and creatively.
  • In Aesthetics:
    to enrich the children's sensory experiences and encourage them to express their own ideas and feelings;
    to enhance the children's appreciation of the environment and of the world around them;
    to cultivate the children's creative skills and imagination.

Sacred Heart Canossian Kindergarten
Address : 10 Robinson Road, Hong Kong
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