Teaching Models

Teaching Objectives

The kindergarten strongly emphasises whole-person education. Our goal is to enable children to achieve a balanced development in the spiritual, ethical, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic education.


Course Design

The kindergarten curriculum is designed to be “child-centred”. It enables young children to develop their interest, confidence and creativity through learning, personal experience, exploration, discussion, observation and recording. It develops the potentials of young children and builds a foundation for further self-learning.


Course Content

The content of the course takes into account the development of children in all aspects. Teachers use a variety of teaching materials and teaching aids to arrange an environment that can stimulate children’s interest in learning, allowing them to explore freely and acquire different kinds of knowledge, skills and attitudes in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

The story-approach that underpins our curricular structure provides our children with a wide range of playful learning activities. These learning activities will serve well to build children’s confidence and foster their language learning.


Evaluation Mechanism

In the actual learning environment for young children, teachers make assessments through continuous observation, records and analysis. They use assessment forms and family life performance questionnaires to assess the physical and emotional development of young children and to develop appropriate learning plans for them.


Home-school Cooperation

Since 1994, the Parent-Teacher Association has been established to strengthen the ties between parents and the kindergarten through various activities such as Parent-Child Picnic, Christmas Party, Family Games Day, Spring Festival Gathering and Workshops for Parents.


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