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The Parent-Teacher Association Resource Centre is on the fifth floor of Sacred Heart Canossaian Kindergarten.

Notes for Parent Volunteers

o Parents must sign into the computer file or report their duty to the volunteer team leader at the Resource Centre on the fifth floor before volunteering. For statistical purposes, please sign out in the same way after the volunteer hours are completed. The volunteer hours will be announced regularly on the website of the Parent-Teacher Association.

o Parents will be asked to provide their child’s class number, school number and name when signing in. For the answer to any questions when signing into the computer file at the Resource Centre, please check with the members of the Resource Centre. For contact information of Resource Centre members, please visit the website of our Parent-Teacher Association.

o Volunteer hours are calculated on a one-child per-family basis. If a parent has more than one child enrolled in our kindergarten, please be aware of this when signing in as a volunteer. Unless otherwise specified by parents, volunteer hours will be recorded based only on the oldest child’s family unit.

– To avoid interrupting the children in the classroom, parents are asked not to take photos or videos.

Please refer to the following attachments for details


Lending services:

Venue: Parent-Teacher Association Resource Centre is located on the fifth floor of Sacred Heart Canossian Kindergarten

Opening hours:

Every Tuesday and Thursday

8:30 am to 10:00 am; 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Every Saturday (Designated Date)

9:00 am to 10.30 am

Kindergarten vacation


Lending Rules:

1) Guidelines for borrowing/returning items by children:

Parents may download the ”Resource Centre Book Lending Form”, complete it and have their child return it to us or email it to Details and time are as follows:

* You must return the document bag, lending form and borrowed books to the Centre together. The return procedure will only be processed on Wednesdays and not on other days, in order to avoid extra workload.

2) Guidelines for borrowing /returning items to the Resource Centre by parents:

Parents can also borrow books in person at the Resource Centre on the fifth floor during the opening hours. However, they must present the “Sacred Heart Canossian Kindergarten Parent-Teacher Association Membership Card” or provide the membership number. Items borrowed in such a way must be returned in person, and not by the children.


Loan Code:

  1. Each membership card is limited to borrowing two items at a time for two weeks.
  2. The penalty of each overdue item is calculated at $2 per day, $6 per week (based on Resource Centre working days: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays).
  3. Please do not smear or damage the borrowed items. If any damage is found, compensation will be made at the original price.
  4. In case the selected items are borrowed, you can fill in four items on the form. The volunteers will search in order and only lend up to two items. If all items on the form are borrowed, the form will be returned to your child with a note indicating that the selected items have been checked out. Parents should re-select and fill out a new lending form, and return it the following week by the child or by email.
  5. The borrowing and returning schedule for borrowed items by the child is as follows:

The book lending form is to be handed in, and the borrowed items are to be returned, every Wednesday. The borrowed items will be distributed on the following day (i.e. Thursday).

* In case of holidays, the return will be postponed to the following week.

  1. Borrowing by children is only applicable to books. Teaching materials must be borrowed and returned by parents in person.
  2. Please remember to return your books on time to avoid overdue fines.
  3. When choosing items, parents should be aware that some items may weigh more than one single book. Please consider the weight of the book bag to avoid overloading.



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